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Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun - Spin-off

Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun - Spin-off

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Toilet-Bound - Spin-Off

Discover the revealed mysteries of the afternoon after school at Kamome Academy with "Toilet-Bound - Spin-Off"! Immerse yourself in the thrilling intrigues of Hanako-kun and the mysterious Nene Yashiro, the occult girl. What do they do on days off without incident? In this spin-off of "Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun", you can explore their relaxed afternoons alongside all the favorite characters. Get ready for moments of relaxation and escape after classes!

Product Features :

  • Experience the exciting world of “Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun” from a captivating new perspective
  • Immerse yourself in the special adventures of Hanako-kun and Nene Yashiro, without the usual problems
  • Relax after class with your favorite Kamome Academy characters

Make every afternoon a moment of magic and discovery with "Toilet-Bound - Spin-Off"! Buy now and immerse yourself in a fantastic world full of surprises and relaxation.


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