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Attack on Titan - Full Color 3

Attack on Titan - Full Color 3

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Attack on Titan - Full Color 3

Discover a special edition of the manga “Attack on Titan” with this third volume entirely in color!

Find the episodes selected by the author Hajime Isayama and chosen by the fans, enhanced with immersive coloring.

  1. Episode 46: A frantic race against the Titans where Eren and his companions find themselves in mortal danger.
  2. Episode 69: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the others face an impossible choice when they must decide who will receive the life-saving injection.
  3. Episode 81: An undercover mission to the continent of Marley reveals a shocking and unfamiliar world for our heroes.

Immerse yourself in these three captivating stories in their complete, richly illustrated, color version!


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