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Psycho Pass - First Inspector 3

Psycho Pass - First Inspector 3

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Special promo for Psycho-Pass - First Inspector 3: total immersion in the captivating universe of the series!

Discover the full version of the exciting anime film "Psycho-Pass - First Inspector 3" through this exclusive novel adaptation. Dive beyond justice and truth, towards the climax of the story!

Follow Chief Inspector Shinya Kogami and criminal Mikhail Ignatov as they confront each other for their vision of justice. While Inspector Azusawa Hirokazu, who has been behind the shadowy machinations, sneaks solo into the Social Security Bureau building. His mission ? Free a prisoner and take the Office hostage, thus demanding the resignation of Governor Kohmiya.

The Criminal Investigation Division group is on the move to reclaim their headquarters and resolve their conflict with Azusawa. Get ready for thrilling twists and turns in this romantic adaptation of the film that has captivated millions of fans!


  • Complete novel based on the latest thrilling film in the Psycho-Pass series
  • Total immersion in the intense and captivating world of anime
  • Stunning twists and intense confrontations between the main characters
  • A story rich in justice, truth and complex morals

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the intense action of Psycho-Pass - First Inspector 3. Order now and immerse yourself in this captivating adventure!

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