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Pokemon Monster - 54 Special

Pokemon Monster - 54 Special

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Pokemon Monster - 54 Special

Discover the long-awaited return of “雄叫びをあげるあの男が夢世界から帰還!” in our new game Pokemon Monster - 54 Special! Join Team Plasma's new leader, Black, in his fight to save the Unova region.

A new formidable enemy

The power of the legendary Black Pokémon Kyurem now enters the hands of Team Plasma. Face N and his minions, and using the strength of Black Kyurem, save the Unova region from an impending crisis.

A triumphant return

After many adventures in the dream world, Black finally returns to join his allies and lead the counterattack against Team Plasma. Team up with Black and his friends to save the Unova region!

Game Features

  • Stunning graphics that bring the Pokémon world to life
  • Strategic battles with new moves and abilities
  • A captivating story full of twists and turns
  • Charismatic and endearing characters
  • Hours of exciting and addictive gameplay

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Pokemon Monster - 54 Special! Join Black and his friends in their fight to save the Unova region. Catch them all, save the world and become a real hero!


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