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Pochi - Artbook Abandoned Mine Town

Pochi - Artbook Abandoned Mine Town

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Pochi - Artbook Abandoned Mine Town

Discover the long-awaited first collection of works by landscape artist Pochi. Immerse yourself in sublime and emotional landscapes, where the Milky Way, storm clouds, old mines, three-dimensional cities, abandoned trains and the light of the moon mingle. Don't miss the incredible techniques for depicting light and atmosphere!

Cover comment:

This lush artistic universe is not limited to fantastic landscapes. Each illustration multiplies the information on the lives of the inhabitants and the history of the cities, thus creating a world of incredible richness. The charms of a "living city" are captured in these magnificent paintings.

- Yoshihito Yoshida, illustrator

Content :

  • Gallery
  • The town of abandoned mines
  • The sunken city
  • How to paint imaginary landscapes
  • Creation of a universe
  • Perspective Basics and Creating Custom Brushes
  • “A new day begins”: timely perspective and morning atmosphere
  • “The Brightness of a Summer Day”: distorted perspective and storm clouds in broad daylight
  • "The Favorite Way Back": two-point perspective and iron bridge
  • “Indications on the starry night”: compressed composition, natural and artificial lighting
  • “The lights of the city stretch as far as the eye can see”: three-dimensional city, night view of dynamic neighborhoods and panoramic fish-eye composition
  • “Stars and the Milky Way”: fish-eye perspective, “celestial photo” type composition and technique
  • Explanation of the works
  • Presentation of the author's home workshop


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