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One Piece - Full Color Alabasta Bow

One Piece - Full Color Alabasta Bow

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One Piece - Alabasta Arc in color

🌟 Discover the captivating adventure of Arc Alabasta in color! 🌈

In a drought-ridden, rainless desert country, the kingdom of Alabasta is on the brink of collapse due to Crocodile's devious machinations. 😱

Princess Vivi, desperate to save her people, joins forces with Luffy and his crew to rush to Alabasta! 👑

But upon arriving in Alabasta, they find themselves trapped in Crocodile's machinations, sparking an all-out war between the royal army and the rebels!! Will they be able to break the nightmare of this desert kingdom? 🤔

Features :

  • 🌎 Language: Japanese
  • 🖼️ Image format: 16:9


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