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One Piece - All Faces 2

One Piece - All Faces 2

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One Piece - All Faces 2

Discover the fantastic universe of ONE PIECE through a unique collection: “All Faces 2”. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI), we have collected all the facial expressions of the characters from ONE PIECE, covering volumes 24 to 45, including the first part of Sky Island and the second part of the aquatic city.

By analyzing the 25 years of work of Eiichiro Oda - original creator of ONE PIECE - our graphic designers managed to create more than 100,000 characters in the world of ONE PIECE respecting the motto "draw everything that moves, the extras, the waves and the clouds, all by my own hand.” This unparalleled precision makes it possible to capture the vivid emotions of the inhabitants of the ONE PIECE universe.

Using machine learning, we extracted only the faces of characters from all existing manuscripts. This unique selection allows us to reveal the joys, angers, sorrows and laughter of the characters who populate the world of ONE PIECE in a new way.

Order "One Piece - All Faces 2" now and immerse yourself in the captivating world of pirates, where the wildest dreams come true.

  • Features :
  • - Exclusive “All Faces 2” collection from ONE PIECE
  • - Covers volumes 24 to 45
  • - Over 100,000 characters created
  • - Express the vivid emotions of the inhabitants of the ONE PIECE universe
  • - Machine learning technology for unique selection

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