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Megalophilia - Artbook Monokubo

Megalophilia - Artbook Monokubo

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Megalophilia - Artbook Monokubo

Discover the fascinating world of Megalophilia with the Monokubo Artbook!

Imagine a world where gigantic creatures stand before you... How would you feel? Could it be a mixture of fascination and fear? The Monokubo Artbook immerses you in this mysterious universe, created by the talented artist Monokubo.

Bringing together a collection of captivating illustrations, this book invites you to explore a world where giants bring both comfort and terror. Immerse yourself in the “Chapter of Blessings” and let the giant creatures soothe you, then discover the “Chapter of Veneration” which will arouse your deep admiration.

The Monokubo Artbook also includes additional materials such as insights into the creation of the illustrations, as well as detailed reviews of all the works featured.

Whether you are passionate about art or simply curious to discover a new visual universe, the Monokubo Artbook will captivate your imagination and transport you to unexplored horizons.

Order now and immerse yourself in the unique world of Megalophilia with the Monokubo Artbook!


  • Captivating illustrations from a renowned artist
  • Two distinct chapters: "Chapter of Blessings" and "Chapter of Veneration"
  • Additional content including creative previews and detailed reviews


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