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Leiji Matsumoto - The complete battlefield comics

Leiji Matsumoto - The complete battlefield comics

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Leiji Matsumoto - The complete battlefield comics

Discover Leiji Matsumoto's ultimate work, "戦場まんがシリーズ" in this collector's edition. This previously unreleased version also includes “錨のない船,” a never-before-released masterpiece.

This long-awaited work brings together all the volumes of the famous manga series by Leiji Matsumoto, one of the greatest masters of the manga universe.

This comprehensive guide comes with commentary on all the works in the "戦場まんがシリーズ" series, as well as scale models, illustrations and more. It presents in detail the emblematic weapons meticulously drawn by Matsumoto, arousing the admiration of militaria enthusiasts. In addition, it reprints the short manga "錨のない船", first published in December 1991 in the commemorative edition of 50 years of Pearl Harbor. This story, based on the novel of the same name by Otoko Kaga, is considered an exceptional work long lost to fans because it was never printed in hardback.

In addition, this exceptional work offers a selection of illustrations of military equipment taken from the popular book "零士のメカゾーン", now out of print. It is truly a book that will delight connoisseurs.

Features :
- Manga gallery “戦場まんがギャラリー”
- Full comments on all titles in the "戦場まんが" series
- Catalog of derivative products "戦場まんがグッズ・カタログ"
- Selection of illustrations of military equipment from the book "零士のメカゾーン"
- Reprint of the short manga "錨のない船" (based on the novel by Otoko Kaga)
- Message from Leiji Matsumoto

Add this collector's edition of "Leiji Matsumoto - The complete battlefield comics" to your collection now and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of one of the masters of manga.

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