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Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle

Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle

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Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle

Discover the essential book for all fans! Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle is a unique compilation, bringing together 7 works that have never been published in individual format before. This book is truly a treasure for fans of Matsumoto, famous for his meticulous drawings of mecha and his moving accounts of the tragedy of war.

Across approximately 150 chapters, immerse yourself in captivating stories and discover a comprehensive guide to the mecha featured there. You'll also find a collection of memorable quotes, a gallery of full-color illustrations, and messages from creators who were influenced by this exceptional series.

Matsumoto's "戦場漫画シリーズ" ("Senshō Manga Series") is a collection of short manga inspired by World War II. Over the years, it has been released under various titles such as "ザ・コクピット" ("The Cockpit"), "ハードメタル" ("Hard Metal"), "ブルーメタル" ("Blue Metal"), "ケースハード" ("Case Hard"), and "コクピットレジェンド" ("Cockpit Legend"). These manga truly marked Matsumoto's work and allowed him to convey his love and respect for mechanical engineering.

Discover the 7 exclusive works which are making their first appearance in hardback: "過去からの帰還 パイロット262" ("Return of the past: Pilot 262"), "ブラック0" ("Black 0"), "帰還 影の老兵" ("Return: Old Shadow Soldier"), "死神の誘導路" ("The Path of the Reaper"), "髑髏の道程標" ("The Journey of the Skull"), "自転弾道" (" Orbital Trajectory"), and "無のモナリザ" ("Mona Lisa of Nothingness").

Immerse yourself in the deep universe of Leiji Matsumoto and discover his message of peace. Order Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle now for a unique and captivating experience.

Features :

  • 7 exclusive works for the first time in bound version
  • Around 150 chapters of mecha stories and guides
  • Collection of memorable quotes and color illustration gallery
  • Messages from the creators influenced by the series


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