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Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle

Leiji Matsumoto - Battlefield Manga Chronicle

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A must-have book for fans that contains 7 unpublished works

From the "Battlefield Manga Series", which was Matsumoto's life work, depicting the meticulous mechanics and sorrows of the battlefield, which won the hearts of readers.
A collection of seven works that have never been included in a book, a must-have book for fans.
Approximately 150 stories and in-game mechanics guides.
Includes a collection of masterpieces, a gallery of full-color illustrations, and messages from creators who were influenced by the series.
"Battlefield Manga Series" is a collection of short manga based on Reiji Matsumoto's World War II.
"The Cockpit", "Hard Metal", "Blue Metal", "Case Hard" and "Cockpit Legend"
It has been published for over 30 years with different titles and magazines.
"Respect for hard work and enthusiasm for mechanical engineering" in all his works.
This theme is the author's wish for peace.
Leiji Matsumoto's message is delivered through this book.


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