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Golden Kamuy Official Fan Book

Golden Kamuy Official Fan Book

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Golden Kamuy - Fan Book

The very first official Fan Book is finally here! A double dose of intense and captivating content! Featuring 10 pages of new, exclusive comics drawn especially for this book! A special edition of Noda Satoru's first work! This Fan Book is a compendium of adventure, history, culture, hunting gastronomy, horror, GAGs and love!!! Find exclusive information on the characters in this book!!! Discover their date of birth, their likes, their dislikes, a special message from the author Noda-sensei, their height, weight, chest measurement (?) and much more!!! Two special articles and an exclusive interview with Noda-sensei are also included! A magnificent art gallery! With many illustrations in color and in paper format, which are not included in mangas! As well as exclusive archive photos! A variety of themed pages! Learn all about the culture in Golden Kamuy with a guide to locations, Ainu food recipes, an animal encyclopedia by author Bushi-bata-sensei, lessons in the Ainu language and Russian language, and much more! All with exclusive goodies included!!! A detailed map of Sugimoto and his group's journey / a double poster with a diagram of the relationships between the characters and a gathering of researchers can be found in the Fan Book!!!


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parfait! merci beaucoup :)

parfait! merci beaucoup :)