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Frieren - Vol.6 - Collector's Edition

Frieren - Vol.6 - Collector's Edition

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Frieren - Vol.6 - Collector's Edition

Discover the brand new collector's edition of "Frieren - Vol.6"!

This special edition is accompanied by a calendar with a design inspired by magical grimoires. The “Magic Calendar 2022” includes:

  • 12 stunning full-color illustrations, some of which were used for the covers of the Sunday series
  • A section dedicated to the characters, including black and white sketches made before the series began
  • The calendar is in the same format as the comics, perfectly suited to display on a desk

Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Frieren, the sorceress of the team of heroes who defeated the demon king. Follow her through her trials to earn the official title of magician, including conquering mysterious dungeons. Discover Frieren's incredible powers as well as the strong bonds that are forged with his fellow wizards.

This collector's edition is ideal for fans of the story after the fight against the Demon King!

Also enjoy illustrated cards including 12 superb illustrations, as well as calendar cards with never-before-seen character sketches and black and white illustrations. You can freely combine these cards to create your own display. They are also in the same format as the comics, so you can proudly display them on your desk or shelves, accompanying your magical adventure with Frieren during 2022.

Don't miss this opportunity to join Frieren on his magical quest that transcends time!

Features :

  • Collector's edition of "Frieren - Vol.6" with a magnificent calendar
  • Includes 12 stunning full-color illustrations
  • Features a dedicated character section with black and white sketches
  • The cards are the same format as the comics, perfect for decorating your desk

Join Frieren now and embark on a magical adventure through time!


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