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Fire Force - Vol. 33

Fire Force - Vol. 33

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Fire Force - Vol. 33

Fire Force - Vol. 33


Immerse yourself in a world where humanity is faced with a terrifying phenomenon - ordinary individuals suddenly bursting into flames into flame monsters called "Enbito". Fight the fear of fire alongside the Special Fire Brigade, whose mission is to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon and save humanity.

Follow Shinra, a young recruit nicknamed "the Demon" for special reasons, in his quest to become a true hero. Join him and his comrades in their fierce fight against the Enbito. Prepare for fiery battles, epic fantasy and extraordinary revelations!

The identity of the Prophet is finally revealed! Under the aegis of the Saint, Haumea reveals herself before Shinra and Shou, bearer of the divine will. It reveals the truth about the world - how every being yearns for despair at the culmination of its evolution, and why the "Great Disaster" is the only way to save them. When the Savior succumbs to the anger of despair, the world is engulfed in black flames... Discover where the path traced by the destiny of beings ends. The name of the one who appears for the last battle between despair and hope is...?


  • Intense battles in a world engulfed in flames
  • Captivating story full of mystery
  • Stunning and detailed illustrations
  • 200 pages of pure pleasure
  • An incredible adventure for manga and anime fans


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