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Disney Twisted Wonderland - Heartslabyul 2

Disney Twisted Wonderland - Heartslabyul 2

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Disney Twisted Wonderland - Heartslabyul 2

Join Yu, a high school student who has been summoned to the strange world of Twisted Wonderland, where the Scarlet King reigns as an absolute tyrant. As a student at the prestigious Night Raven College, Yu becomes the dorm master of the dilapidated old dormitory. That's when Ace, a classmate who caused some trouble, visits Yu in his room... Discover the first part entitled "The Scarlet Tyrant" of the ultra-popular smartphone game "Disney Twisted Wonderland", adapted in comics by the production team itself!

An unforgettable journey into a fantastic world!

Immerse yourself in the magical and captivating world of Disney Twisted Wonderland with “Heartslabyul 2”. This comic will transport you to a world filled with mysteries, witchcraft and endearing characters. Follow the story of Yu, an ordinary high school student who finds himself trapped in this strange world. Face challenges, meet unexpected friends and discover the well-kept secrets of Twisted Wonderland.

A unique blend of Disney and dark magic

“Heartslabyul 2” offers a unique reading experience by combining the enchanted world of Disney with a dark and mysterious touch. Find your favorite Disney characters reinvented in a new light and explore exciting original stories. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world where friendship, adventure and magic meet.

A must-have for all Disney fans

Whether you are a fan of Disney, comics or simply looking for a captivating story, "Disney Twisted Wonderland - Heartslabyul 2" is the ideal choice. With its immersive storytelling, magnificent art and endearing characters, this comic will take you on an unforgettable adventure. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the unique world of Twisted Wonderland!


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