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Demon slayer - Volume 2 - Special Pillar

Demon slayer - Volume 2 - Special Pillar

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Demon Slayer - Volume 2 - Special Pillar

The official learning guide for “Demon Slayer” and “Kimetsu Gakuen!” returns with the second volume of "Zenshuchu Drill"!!

You are my elite “adopted children”! Discover this learning guide designed by Uzui Tengen, the “pillar of Sound”, who will teach you everything about “Sound”! With the help of Kimetsu Gakuen teachers and elders, you can strive for excellence in sound breathing techniques! A must-have for all members of the Demon Slayer Corps!! “Zenshuchu Drill” is a series of learning guides where the 9 “pillars”, the most powerful swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps, share their knowledge of breathing. In this volume dedicated to "Sound Breathing", Uzui Tengen teaches linguistic, mathematical, scientific, social and English knowledge related to "Sound". Also discover the daily life of Kimetsu Gakuen's art teacher, Uzui-sensei! This volume also contains a special manga drawn by Natsuki Hotake! Uzui-sensei's three wives, Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma, appear, and the Uzui family's explosive karaoke technique wreaks havoc...?!? Whether you're a child or an adult, learn with concentration thanks to this fun book "Zenshuchu Drill"! So, don’t forget to get it!

The "Zenshuchu Drill" series will be published every month from March to October 2023, one volume per month!

  • Language model: "Understand the meaning of Uzui-san's dialogues" or "Learn how sound kanji are used!"
  • Mathematics model: "Complete the score by adding the notes!" or “Catch Inosuke!”
  • Science model: “What is sound actually?” or “All the sounds we hear are different!”
  • Social Studies Model: “The oldest musical instrument was made from bones?” or “Musical instruments from around the world chosen by teachers!”
  • English model: "Try saying Uzui-san's dialogues in English!" or “Say it in English spectacularly!” etc.

In addition to this, the book offers investigative pages on "sound" that can be used in lessons, as well as recipes for Uzui's favorite specialty, "fugu", a powerful interview on inspecting the sounds of strikes to protect the roads, questions about the mysteries of Uzui, drawing rhymes from Uzui-sensei, and finally a "final selection" to measure your knowledge of sound breathing. Learn all the secrets of “Sound” by immersing yourself in a festival atmosphere while aiming to become the successors of sound breathing!! Please note that this product does not contain spaces for writing.


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