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Bungo Stray Dogs - Official Artbook - Rakugaki Note

Bungo Stray Dogs - Official Artbook - Rakugaki Note

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Bungo Stray Dogs - Rakugaki Note Artbook

Discover the essential Bungo Stray Dogs artbook, created by the talented Harukawa 35!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bungo Stray Dogs with this exceptional artbook. From the talented artist Harukawa 35, this book brings together a complete collection of stunning illustrations, from previously unpublished first drafts to the most recent covers, all in vibrant color!

This artbook is an essential treasure for all Bungo Stray Dogs fans. Each illustration is accompanied by a personal commentary from Harukawa 35 himself, offering a unique insight into the creative process. Don't miss the original cover designed especially by Harukawa 35 for this exclusive book!

Take an artistic dive into the world of Bungo Stray Dogs with the Rakugaki Note artbook and let yourself be delighted by the unprecedented beauty and creativity of Harukawa 35!


  • High quality artbook
  • Dazzling color illustrations
  • Personal comments from Harukawa 35
  • Includes previously unpublished works and the most recent covers
  • Exclusive cover drawn by Harukawa 35

Don't miss this opportunity to own a true work of art inspired by Bungo Stray Dogs. Order your copy of the Rakugaki Note artbook now and let yourself be carried away by the fascinating visual universe of this exciting series!

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