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Ao Ashi - Volume 27

Ao Ashi - Volume 27

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Ao Ashi - Volume 27

Discover the latest volume of the popular series "Ao Ashi" which was adapted into an anime by NHK Eテレ! Immerse yourself in the intensity of the decisive match taking place in Aomori and going into overtime! For the Esperia team to win the Premier League East championship, it is imperative to score a point in a short this critical situation, Ashito finally wakes up! By moving from full-back to midfielder, he changes the course of the match. And upon seeing this, Akutsu whispers "Finally, you did it!"...but what will be the outcome of this fierce fight? The final clash of "Ao Ashi's Greatest Battle" is about to conclude!!

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With more than 10 million copies sold, “Ao Ashi” is the “J-Youth” football manga that is causing a sensation at the moment. This long-awaited volume includes the climax of the Aomori match which sparked a huge reaction when it was published in the magazine. Finally, Ashito wakes up...and the episode of Akutsu's mother, which has not yet been told, is also present...a thrilling and moving ending awaits you! Plus, Ao Ashi's biggest mystery, "Why is Ashito a side?", will be revealed... Don't miss this highly anticipated volume! Not to miss!!

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